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Tips For Planning A Kid-Friendly Hotel Stay

If you're planning your next big vacation, deciding where to stay can be a challenge. If you're taking the kids along, why not look for a destination that offers amenities geared specifically to your children? This might sound unrealistic, but there are many kid-focused amenities that you can ask about when planning your trip.

In-Room Game Systems

Adolescents and teenagers alike will love a room that's equipped with a video game system connected to the television. Most resorts that offer this kind of amenity even have a lending library of games so that the kids can try out some new things. With a hotel like this, you'll never have to worry about what you're going to do on that rainy or stormy afternoon.

Pet Goldfish

Whether you have to leave your family pet at home or you're interested in the relaxing, calming atmosphere that having a fish can create, some hotel chains offer rooms with goldfish. Young kids will love watching them swim, and it may even ease the feelings of separation from your own pet. Don't worry about taking care of it, though. The hotels that offer them typically also take care of the feeding and care.

Baking Classes

If you have a baking fan and you want to create a truly memorable vacation, consider booking your stay at a resort where the in-house pastry chef or baker offers classes for kids. From cookies to cake decorating, there are many different class types to consider.

Sea Life Encounters

Many coastal resorts and hotels offer sea life encounters for guests of all ages who want to swim with creatures like stingrays, dolphins and even manatees. Just make sure that your kids are able to stay calm in the water for things like this, because too much excitement and activity in the water is likely to startle the marine life in the area.

Kids' Concierge

For a truly kid-focused vacation, look for a hotel or resort that boasts a kids' concierge to help your child explore all of the attractions and kid-friendly happenings in the area. That way, you can even book some events and activities with the concierge for older kids while you and your spouse spend some time relaxing by the pool or seeing the sights.

Hotels and resorts are beginning to see an increasing demand for entertainment geared to kids. If you're planning a family vacation and don't want to hear "I'm bored!" while you're gone, consider looking for amenities like these at your destination.

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