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Three Questions To Ask When Considering Booking A Hotel Conference Room

Whether you're in the early phases of organizing a conference for your job, thinking about a family reunion or organizing any other event that requires meeting space, it's worthwhile to think about booking a conference room at a hotel in your city. Hotel conference rooms can provide a wide range of amenities to suit just about any type of gather, from work to family, from formal to informal. It's beneficial to visit a couple hotels to tour their available facilities and speak to a rental agent. This meeting gives you a chance to not only ensure that the room will suit your needs, but also ask questions that can help you make your decision. Here are three to ask.

What's The Best Rate You Can Give For Guest Rooms?

One of the key benefits of having your event in the conference room of a hotel is the close proximity of overnight accommodations for people who have had to travel a significant distance away from home. It's also ideal to have these guest rooms nearby if you're organizing a party in which guests will be consuming alcohol. It's important to ask about the availability of discounted guest rooms for those in your group. It's common for hotels to provide a group rate in this sort of situation, but you may have to supply the number of guest rooms you'll need to get a discount estimate.

Can I Bring In My Own Catering Company?

Hotel conference rooms can often be served by the food services staff at the hotel if there's an on-site restaurant. While this option is convenient if you don't have a catering company in mind, there might be a circumstance in which you wish to hire a specific caterer from the community. In this situation, you need to know whether you can do so or whether the hotel will request that you use its food services department to cater your gathering.

Do You Provide AV Equipment?

If your event will be using audio-visual equipment for presentations of any nature, you'll need to know whether the conference room has these accessories available to clients – and if they're included with the rental price or if the cost is separate. Many conference rooms will be equipped with a sound system, a projector and other similar elements, which will make your life easier if you'd have to otherwise rent this equipment and transport it to the hotel.