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Where To Stay When Visiting The New York Metropolitan Region

If you're planning a trip to the New York metropolitan region, then you might feel overwhelmed as to where to stay. There are lots of fantastic towns and cities to choose from. Here are three nice spots to consider. They have been divided up into three sections: Hudson Valley, Manhattan, and Long Island.

Hudson Valley: Kingston

If you're a fan of early American history, particularly the periods dating from the American Revolutionary era, then Kingston is a great place to visit. It was the original capital of New York, but was burned by the British army in 1777. The history of the city dates back even farther back, to the colonial era Dutch in the 1600's who settled the area.

There are several hotels in Kingston, but you might prefer to stay at a bed and breakfast. Some of the classical homes from the 18th and 19th century have been preserved and are now operated as B&B's.

There are lots of museum's and historic homes to see. You can also find boat tours of the Hudson River. There are sailboats, as well as large cruise boats that you can get tickets for.

Long Island: Montauk

Many people think of the Hamptons when they think of Long Island, but Montauk is just as impressive. It's also much more affordable. Montauk is located at the eastern end of Long Island. It is now popular as a tourist spot, particularly for people who want to eschew the party scene that the Hamptons has become. However, for a long time Montauk was primarily a fishing village. The area is still famous with fisherman who use it as a launch point for deep sea fishing.

Montauk has a variety of hotels, motels, and B&B's. There are really nice, high end hotels that cater to people who want a luxurious experience. There are also motels for people who are traveling on a budget, and just want a nice place to sleep at night.

There are several state parks that are great for hiking and biking. Plus there are beautiful public beaches, which is another advantage to the private beaches in the Hamptons.

Manhattan: Midtown

Midtown is probably the best place to stay when in NYC. It's not the most interesting location, but it is the best base point for your daily day trips and it has the best hotels. From midtown you can take the subway to Harlem (a short train ride on the #1 line), take a cab over to the museums on Fifth Ave, or ride the subway (#2 or N lines) down to Wall Street and then walk over to the Staten Island Ferry.

Plus, when you are done touring the city during the day, you can find excellent restaurants around your hotel in Midtown, and also catch a show in the theater district which is right nearby.

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