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Ask These 2 Interview Questions To Find A Great Food And Beverage Manager For Your Restaurant

If you're a general manager at a hotel that has a kitchen, you need a food and beverage manager who properly oversees all restaurant operations within your hotel -- and knows how to improve them -- for two reasons. You might not be an expert in food and beverage management, depending on your background, and you likely don't have time to focus only on the restaurant operations of your hotel. If you're looking for a new food and beverage manager, here are two interview questions you can use to find a qualified candidate.

What's Unique About Running a Restaurant in a Hotel?

Running a restaurant in a hotel presents unique challenges, like maintaining a fully operational kitchen during slow hours so guests can get anything they'd like off of the room service menu. The best candidate won't just be experienced in food and beverage management, but will have experience working in hotel restaurants. This question will reveal whether a candidate has previously worked in hotels, as only someone who has experience in hotel restaurants will be able to provide a specific and insightful answer to this question.

How Do You Cook the Perfect Egg?

Some food and beverage professionals who work in hotels, however, never have to cook because their hotels only serve prepared foods that just have to be warmed up. If your hotel's restaurant offers freshly prepared food, you'll need a manager who can cook and teach others how to.

This question will reveal whether a candidate has at least a foundational cooking knowledge. Cooking an egg is a standard skill that any line cook has and should be able to walk you through. Listen for detailed explanations that are easy to follow, as this shows a person is both knowledgeable and able to share their knowledge with others. Even if the house specialty isn't eggs, someone who can walk you verbally through cooking the perfect egg should either know or be able to learn how to cook other foods and teach others to do the same.

Lots of people may have food and beverage experience on their resumes and appear to be qualified candidates. To find the most qualified candidates, don't just consider persons' resumes. Ask these two questions in interviews. They're simple, but the way people answer these questions will tell you a lot about their ability to work within a hotel structure and run a restaurant. The best candidates will have detailed, insightful, and clear answers.

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