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Seven Travel Strategies That Will Make Your Journey Easier

Getting ready for a trip? Make your journey a bit easier with some simple hacks while you are on the road. These include ways to simplify packing, be better-prepared, and feel good during your trip.

Seven travel tips are:

  1. Learn the lingo. Take the time to learn a few native phrases before you go, which can make traveling in a foreign country a bit safer. Look for online resources that offer basic phrases and terminology so that you can find food, drink, a bathroom, or ask directions in a new destination. This can also help locals warm-up to you a bit.
  2. Protect your cords. Don't forget to bring the cords and cables that you need, and toss an extra- extension cord in your bag, too. Wrap these around or inside a discarded toilet paper roll to keep them from getting all tangled-up inside your luggage.
  3. Download before you go. If you are traveling abroad, go ahead and download a translation app, but do this before you go. The internet could be sketchy where you are going, so be prepared and do this early.
  4. Bring your own spices. Tuck the spices that you might want to prepare a meal during your time away in a plastic pill container. This is a lot less-bulky than taking the individual containers, and it also will save you money from what you might need to buy when away from home.
  5. Use kitchen wrap for jewelry.  Want to keep your necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled-up in knots? Use sheets of press-and-seal kitchen wrap for your jewelry. Simply spread the pieces on the wrap, top with another sheet, and press to secure; roll the wrap up to pack.
  6. Essential oils are always useful. Make sure to bring small bottles of essential oils for nausea, hydrated skin, and to make your room smell better when you are away. These can bring a welcoming touch to a stark or stinky hotel room!
  7. Protect your feet. Blisters can be a real pain when you are on vacation. Protect your feet when traveling; put a dab of petroleum jelly on your heels to prevent blisters when sightseeing. You will be glad that you did!

Use these tips when you are getting ready to head-out on a trip or vacation. Some simple steps can make a big difference in your frustration-level on the road, as well as how you feel during your time away!

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